A Bit of News…and a Thank You



You may have heard rumblings that I will not be returning to St. Ben’s next year…and those rumblings are correct.  I have been telling students as they have been attending their library classes this week and had planned to announce it in the BUZZ today.

As you may remember, I graduated with my degree in Library and Information Science in January of this year. Now that I have this expensive little piece of paper, I am looking to find a children’s librarian job at a public library that will allow me to put into practice what I have learned at SBPS and in my coursework.

I began working in the SBPS library at the same time that I started taking my grad classes back in 2011.  Your children have been with me every step of the way in my journey as I shared what I was learning (art in picture books, comic book history, etc.) with them. It has been rewarding for me to see them grow over the years and to see their enthusiasm for books increase, as well.  We have had such fun discussing all kinds of book-related things!

I do want to thank YOU for all of your support these past 5 years while I have been the librarian and the past 12 years if you knew me when I was a classroom teacher.  The SBPS families will hold a special place in my heart and I will remember all that you have done for me 🙂


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