Read to Succeed is Back!

The Six Flags Read to Succeed program is back for 2016!
six flags logo.png
Students in grades K through 6 are encouraged to read for fun.  Those who complete six hours (or 360 minutes) of recreational reading before the school’s deadline, which is Monday, February 22nd, are eligible for a free admission ticket valid at our local Six Flags Theme Park.
You can download both the parent letter and reading log below.  If you are unable to print either of these, please encourage your child to see Mrs. Susina to pick up a hard copy in the library.
Here’s what you need to know:
* Only students in grades K through 6 are eligible to participate.
* Review the attached reading log. Your child should use this sheet to record what and how long he/she reads.
* Your child must complete 6 hours, or 360 minutes, of recreational reading.
* Please initial each entry and then sign the reading log to verify that the 6 hours of reading has been completed.
* Your child can read books, magazines, newspapers, or comic books (digital or hard copy).
* Reading for homework or a class assignment does NOT count.
* Students can read silently, aloud, or with an adult—you can read to your child, or your child can read to you.
* Remind your child to return the reading log to his/her teacher by Monday, February 22nd.
* Our librarian, Mrs. Susina, will submit your child’s information and minutes read.
* Late entries will NOT be accepted.
* Tickets will be awarded to students by Mrs. Susina when they arrive.
If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Susina at
Download the Parent Letter and Reading Log.

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