Check It Out! Week of September 21st


This week, we are looking at the 2016 Monarch and Bluestem Awards lists.


Grades K-2 will enjoy the bundle of positivity that is the main character in Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash by Monica Brown.

Marisol is turning eight, and it’s time to plan a birthday party that will be fabulous, marvelous, and divine. She also hopes that Abuelita, who lives far away in Peru, will be able to come to the celebration. At the party store, Marisol can t decide what kind of party to have. Nothing seems right for soccer, pirate, princess, unicorn-loving Marisol. Finally she comes up with just the right idea, and when her friends arrive for her Clash Bash birthday, a big surprise awaits.


In grades 3-5, we will read Stay: The True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean.

Meet Luciano Anastasini, a man who calls the circus home.  Meet ten dogs that have no home.  When fate brings man and dogs together, a remarkable story of belief and second chances unfolds.

The cuteness of those dogs will be too much to stand!


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