Check It Out! Week of August 31st



This week, we are meeting new friends and reuniting with each other and the library.

It has been such fun meeting our new kindergartners!  They have gotten a mini-tour of the library and we have talked about using good manners in the library so everyone can have a good time.  We also played the “Be a Book Buddy” game in preparation for next week’s discussion about how to take care of books.  Kindergarten students will be checking books out NEXT week.

In grades 1-5, we have been doing a little refresher of our library routines.  This has been very helpful for our new SBPS students, as well.  The classes were very excited to be able to check out books this first week of library class.

REMINDER: Students can check out books for 1 week.  Grades K-2 are allowed to check out 1 book, while grades 3-5 can check out 2 books.  If there is a scheduling conflict or a day off, books would be due the next time the students come to the library.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

P.S. We are very excited that we had some new book shelves built over the summer.  This allowed us to spread out our collection a bit and make room for new books!


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