Welcome Back and How Do You Do??



Welcome back, everyone! I know that it is a little early as I will not be seeing students until tomorrow, but I wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer Susina and I have been the K-12 librarian here at SBPS since 2011, but have been a part of the school community since 2004. I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Dominican University in River Forest. I will be graduating in January 2016.

I have had the pleasure of sharing what I have been learning in my classes with the students for the last 4 years and it has been such fun! One of the things I missed most this summer was sharing the quality literature I found. This school year, my goal is to continue to emphasize the importance of reading for personal interest and teaching library skills that will aid our students in being successful in the classroom.

There are so many other things to look forward to, as well – book clubs, the Scholastic book fair, author visits, and more. Here’s to a fantastic year of reading!!


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