Reading Fun with Flat Levar!


flat levar

In addition to bringing Clifford on vacation, Mrs. Susina (who is a Reading Rainbow fan from way back) will be bringing along Flat Levar, as well!

And you can do it, too! You just need to print/cut out “Flat LeVar,”
take a picture reading with him, and then tag @ReadingRainbow on Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag ‪#‎ReadWithLeVar‬

Click here to get your own Levar.

And I would love it if any SBPS students who decide to do this would share their pictures. What a fun way for readers everywhere to share where they have been this summer!


Clifford is Getting Ready!!



Clifford has begun helping Mrs. Susina pack for her trip to Michigan! Not sure what HE will need…some snacks, a few good books, of course…but what else??

Be sure to watch the blog for pics and the SBPS Facebook page in the next couple of weeks for pictures from the trip!