Booked for Recess Club (Grade 2)


The “Booked for Recess” Club will meet Tuesday, May 19th during recess.  We will be reading Quinny and Hopper by Adriana Brad Schanen.  Students should have the book read before our meeting date so that we can discuss the entire book.  This will be the LAST book club for this school year.

Quinny has a lot to say. Hopper gets to the point.  
Quinny has one speed: very, very, extra-very fast. Hopper proceeds with caution.
Quinny has big ideas. Hopper has smart solutions.
Quinny and Hopper couldn’t be more different. They are an unstoppable team.
But when summer ends, things suddenly aren’t the same. Can Quinny and Hopper stick together in the face of stylish bullies, a killer chicken, and the brand-new Third Grade Rules-especially the one that says they aren’t allowed to be friends anymore?

Students can check this book out of the public library or borrow from a friend.  If you would like Mrs. Susina to order a copy of the book for you, please send $7.50 (cash if possible) to school by Friday, May 1st.  This will allow enough time for the books to arrive and for your child to have the book read by our club date.  

Click here for the RSVP form: May Booked for Recess Club 


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