Check It Out! Week of September 15th


As we are turning our focus to art in children’s books this year, we will be celebrating illustrator birthdays every month!  For September, those illustrators are G. Brian Karas and Bob Staake.

G. Brian Karas is known for his pencil and acrylic paint drawings. He frequently works with author Candice Fleming as he did with a 2014 Monarch Award nominee, Clever Jack Takes the Cake. Karas has a new book coming out in October called IVAN: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla, which was written by Newbery Award winner Katherine Applegate (for 2011’s The One and Only Ivan).

Bob Staake works completely in Adobe Photoshop.  Grades 3-5 will be looking at many of his books, such as Bluebird and Mary Had a Little Lamp.   You may have seen Staake in a commercial that has been on TV where he shows how he uses a 2-in-1 tablet to write and illustrate his stories.  The students will also watch a video of Bob creating his characters in Photoshop.


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