Check It Out! Week of September 8th


This week, we will go over book care with the kindergarten students and they will be able to check out books!

IMG_20140909_083604 (1)

In grades 1-5, we will be starting our “art in picture books” year-long study.  We will look at some examples of books with different kinds of art in them, such as mixed media, woodcutting, paint and more.  Then we will watch a video of illustrator Oliver Jeffers where he talks about why he writes and illustrates picture books.  He will also mention how he decides what media to use to tell his stories and shows some of the materials that he uses.

IMG_20140909_103814 (2) 

The students have also begun to write on our new Book Graffitti wall.  The wall will be a way for students from all gardes to share information about books they are reading with each other.  In the future, the students will be able to share more about their experiences as they relate to the books they are encountering.


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